Bill Roberts
Age 28 January 1958 (1958-Template:Pad2digit-Template:Pad2digit) (age 60)
Nationality American
Car # 58
Years Competed 1978-2000
Rookie Season 1979
Current Team WestFall Motorsports
Championships 0
Pole Positions 20
Wins 17
First Race 1978 @ Texas
First Win 1982 @ Richmond
Last Win 1999 @ Darlington
Last Race 2000 @ Talladega
Twitter @WestFallBill
Tigerman's Series Driver

William Roger Roberts (born January 28, 1958) is currently the owner of WestFall Motorsports and the owner of Tigerman's Series. He became owner in 1976. he was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Bill has three sons: driver Tommy, Paul and Matt. He is currently married to Suzy Roberts.

Early Life Edit

Bill started racing Go Karts when he was just 8 years old. There he won over 50 races in just 7 years. At the age of 19, he drove in many different types of cars and series. At the age of 25, he got married to his wife, Suzy. His grandfather, Junior Roberts, was the owner of the Tigerman's Series from 1949-1975. His father, Michael Roberts, was also a driver.

Racing Life Edit

He ran in 3000 races in 10 different series and won 800 races. Bill raced from 1978-2000. He also raced in 672 Tigerman's Series races and won 17 of them. He finally decided to retire in 2000, when his car was flipped violently by Eric Clauss. Even though Roberts was not seriously injured, he gave up racing and focused on becoming a race car owner.

Owner Edit

He is the current owner of the #58 Tommy Roberts, #8 Andrew Callahan, #28 Alyssa Longwood and #26 Cody Leonard of WestFall Motorsports. Bill is also the partial owner of the Tigerman Racing Series.